About HMD

HMD Tekstil was established in 1995 in Istanbul.

Our founders have given utmost importance to quality and customer satisfaction in order to move their brands forward with the experience they have gained in the sector since the 1980s.S

HMD Tekstil, one of the leading companies in the market in the production of high quality underwear under the HMD brand and children’s tracksuit sets with the Yuppi brand, 

controls the production quality from raw material to the final product with its knitting, cutting, sewing,
ironing and packaging departments in its 6000 m2 factory in Istanbul. keeps it under.

HMD Tekstil, which has adopted the principle of producing above the standards, also has OEKO-TEX and ISO 9001 certifications. Azerbaijan, Russia, Germany, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Algeria and United Arab Emirates are some of the countries we export to.